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St Peter’s Catholic School is delighted to have been awarded outstanding in the recent Section 48 Inspection – Click here to read the full report.

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k8_dn5qs0 Speakers 4 Schools Talk With Eileen Naughton
On Thursday 11th December, Year 10 Computer Science students participated in the latest live-streamed STEM presentation from Speakers for Schools.
The most recent talk was given by Eileen Naughton, Managing Director of Google UK. St Peter’s was one of...
10:14 17/12/14
nf-k4kt2s8 Sixth Form Hear From Tony Blair’s Press Secretary - Tim Allan
‘Engage, campaign and get involved!’ – this was Tim’s message to students when he visited St Peter’s on Tuesday, with ever dwindling numbers of students exercising their right to vote!
18:00 27/11/14
2l50uhmmc St Peter’s Catholic School Hosts The Inter Surrey Schools’ Mathematics Challenge
On Tuesday 4th November St Peter’s Catholic school hosted the Inter Surrey Schools’ Maths Challenge and despite the dreadful weather it was well attended with 12 schools in total participating.
The students were set four different activities all themed around Fireworks night - under timed conditions...
16:38 14/11/14